"Căci mie nu mi-e ruşine de Evanghelia lui Cristos"

La grupa de copii


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2 thoughts on “La grupa de copii

  1. Hi Adi! I am intrigued by your photo! Is this possibly a photo of you and a group of your friends when you were a young boy? I’m guessing you’re the adorable smiling little boy on the far left…am i correct?
    By the way, I really like your blog (from what I can read from it, given my limited knowledge of Romanian!)Hugs to Cora and the kids!

  2. ambasadorul on said:


    What a wonderful surprise to see you „here”. Welcome! Thank you very much for reading the posts and I hope it is encouraging. Yes, the little boy smiling in the down left corner of the photo is ME.
    We hope to see you again. I am sure your romanian has improved a lot! Well done!

    God bless!

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