"Căci mie nu mi-e ruşine de Evanghelia lui Cristos"

Keith Green

Una din primele casete primite a fost cu Keith Green. Am ascultat-o până s-a rupt.

Dar mesajul acestor cântări a rămas intact.

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One thought on “Keith Green

  1. Kelley on said:

    This is wonderful, Adi and such a blast from the past for me! When I became a Christian in 1979, I was quickly introduced to Keith Green’s music and ministry. As a brand new Christian, I was encouraged and mightily blessed by his music. I listened to and sang his music all the time! But I also remember that in 1981, news came out that he had died in a plane crash, along with several of his little children. Such a short, but extremely powerful life and testimony of God’s love and sovereignty! Thanks for the trip down memory lane…now off to find my Keith Green Cd’s (er, tape cassettes?!)

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